East LA: True Stories


East LA: True Stories

Just hearing the words “East LA” can cause an involuntary recoil.  East LA is often talked about in the news because the area has a bad reputation.  People believe the area is gang ridden - and it is.   But gangs are not the only ones who own the streets of East LA.  The young authors of this book - students of East LA College - contribute their voices and tell their stories and capture the world they live.  Their true stories are provocative, edgy, and unflinchingly honest. 

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Amilcar Samoya

The Power from Above

Araceli Villalobos

The Moment My Life Changed Forever

Astrid Escobar

A New Destiny

Esmeralds Pedroza

14 & Pregnant

Geovanny Salinas

Education Changed My Life

Daniel Gomez

A Rescued Life

Katerin Guerra

Life Changes

Katherine Cervantes

Being the “Black Sheep” of the Family

Latecia Lopez

My Life Changing Moment

Michelle Romero

Time Stopped

Irene Quinones

Understanding a Disability

Gladys Tirado

To Be Brave or Not

Eduardo Urbina

Death Makes Angeles of Us and Gives Us Wings

Steven Guzman                                            Fernando Olivera

  My Bravest Moment                                       Bearing a Name of Shame

Brenda Perez                                                Gabriela Godinez                           

  Dad, Drugs, and the Swat Team                    On the Road to Success

Gloria Soto                                                    LynnTorres

  Fortunate Misfortunes of Life                         Two Sides of  a Story  

Juan Medina                                                   Jessica Zepeda

  Mistake                                                            My Unexpected Journey

Authors without Photos

TV Show Buyers!

While this project is not yet developed beyond short stories, these stories are an excellent basis for an episodic show or a news magazine format.  Please contact Marguerite to discuss development: m@cravatt.com

The Authors


This amazing anthology is written by East Los Angeles college students.  I am adjunct professor, Marguerite Cravatt, and I guarantee that you will absolutely love reading these authentic true stories.  After reading these stories, you will love and respect the authors and their journey the same way that I do.